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Organisations & Institutions
  • Applied Plant Research (PPO), Wageningen University & Research Centre (WUR) http://www.ppo.wur.nl
  • Agrifood Research Finland, Seed Potato Biotechnology
  • Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), Northern Ireland http://www.afbini.gov.uk
  • Agronomic links across the globe
    Agronomic Links Across the Globe, a collection of WWW and Gopher sites in the U.S. and around the world that offer information about crops, soils, and environmental issues.
  • AHDB Potato Council

    Potato Council (PCL) was established by the UK government in 2008 as part of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) in response to a vote by potato growers in England, Scotland and Wales. The Potato Council works “to fund research and development, transfer technology, collect and disseminate market information and to advertise and promote potatoes to consumers in the UK and export markets”.
    This site provides information on potatoes and has sections specifically aimed at levy payers, consumers, researchers, the media, trade and schools. The Potato Council provides access to several online publications including Potato Weekly, Price Weekly, Euro Potato and Trend Data which contain market and crop information. The site provides access to the British Seed Variety Online Database see http://www.potato.org.uk/online-toolbox/potato-variety-database which permits searching for potato variety by name, market or specific characteristic. Details of the PCL’s research and development programme is provided and an events calendar is available
  • The Food and Environment Agency (fera)

    Specialised in the sciences underpinning agriculture for sustainable crop production and commodity protection, environmental management & conservation and in comprehensive analytical services across the area of food safety and quality
  • Centro Internacional de la Papa (CIP)
    The International Potato Center, known worldwide by its Spanish acronym, CIP, sees the potato and other Andean root and tuber crops as underexploited resources for agricultural development and hunger relief in developing countries.
    Founded in 1971, CIP has worked to enhance the cultivation, yield, processing, and consumption of potatoes.
    Its original mandate was expanded to include sweetpotato and, more recently, other Andean roots and tubers that are in danger of extinction.
    In a broader vein, CIP is now looking at natural resource management in the Andean ecoregion.
  • CEVIPAPA-Colombia
    CEVIPAPA is the Colombian virtual center for potato research, cretaed in 2000. It provides varied information about this crop in Colombia and in the Andean region.
  • CIRS-TM.ORG, the International Center for Scientific Research web site.

Large collection of links on potato

  • Crops and Livestock Research Centre
    The Charlottetown Research Centre has responsibility for research on management aspects of potato production. Research projects investigate new technology for production of tablestock and processing potatoes as well as production of high quality seed potatoes.
  • Danespo Ltd.
    DANESPO handles the growing and marketing of seed, ware and processing potatoes, for Danish and export markets. DANESPO covers all aspects and activities within the potato world – i.e. import and transit trading.
  • The Finnish Seed Potato Center: http://www.spk.fi
  • http://www.gartenbaubuecherei.de/
  • G Kartofler AmbA
    G Kartofler er et andelsselskab dannet i 1939 under navnet Sydjysk Kartoffelexportforening. Andelshaverne er danske landmænd, der avler spisekartofler eller læggekartofler. Selskabets formål er at omsætte gode kartofler samt at fremme kvaliteten både i avl og markedsføring
  • Global Potato Focus
    Global Potato Focus is a consulting company that provides technology solutions to agricultural companies and organizations, with special focus on the potato industry.
    We publish Global Potato News, an online magazine for potatoes.
  • HZPC
    The basis of the HZPC is formed by more than 700 independent potato growers, who are mainly established in the north, centre and south-west of the Netherlands.
  • Institut Hodowli Aklimatyzacji Roslin (IHAR)
    The Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute was founded on January 1, 1951, as a scientific unit designed for research in breeding and seed production of major field crops. The Institute is under the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Economy
  • The International Potato Center, Regional Office for East, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific (ESEAP)
    On-line magazine
  • KES Research Projects
    Klamath Agricultural Experiment Station
    A branch of the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station, College of Agricultural Sciences, Oregon State University
  • Maine Potato Board
    We at the Maine Potato Board in Presque Isle, Maine have developed this Web Page as a resource for you, the general public, to have a place to find out more about the history and nutritional value of the Maine Potato. The State of Maine is one of the largest potato producers in the nation.
  • Malheur Experiment Station
    The Malheur Agricultural Experiment Station is a branch of the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station, a part if Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences.
    Scientists at the Malheur Station specialize in research important to row crops, small grains, and alfalfa. Sugar beets, onions, and potatoes are major crops in Malheur County, generating a farm gate income of 0 million for producers. Alfalfa has high value because it is transformed into meat products by cattle and dairy producers.
  • Max Rubner-Institute, Germany
  • Minnesota Certified Seed Potato Growers Association
    This website contains the variety directory for MN Certified Seed Potatoes, seed potato growers, and ag-related sites of interest
  • NAK. Nederlandse Algemene Keuringsdienst voor zaaizaad en pootgoed van landbouwgewassen
    De Nederlandse Algemene Keuringsdienst voor zaaizaad en pootgoed van landbouwgewassen vervult de wettelijke keuringstaak in opdracht van de Minister van Landbouw, Natuurbeheer en Visserij. De NAK is een onafhankelijke Stichting en wordt bestuurd door de ‘praktijk’. Het bestuur bestaat uit vertegenwoordigers van telers, kwekers en handelaren. De keuringsregels worden bepaald door de ‘vaste commissies’ voor de gewasgroepen: granen, groenvoeders en pootaardappelen. Net als het bestuur bestaan ook deze commissies uit vertegenwoordigers van het bedrijfsleven. Het vakmanschap van de producenten en de keuringseisen van de NAK zorgen ervoor dat zaaizaad en pootgoed uit Nederland borg staan voor een uitstekende kwaliteit
  • National Potato Council (USA)
    The National Potato Council is the only national, non-profit trade association working for the well-being of the U.S. potato industry on federal governmental issues. Since its inception, the NPC has continually monitored and actively addressed the significant issues affecting the industry. Today, the majority of NPC’s time, effort, and financial resources address important legislative, regulatory, environmental, and trade issues.
  • Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie (NAO)
    De Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie is een organisatie die de belangen van de Nederlandse consumptie- en industrieaardappelhandelaren alsmede pootaardappelhandelaren behartigt. Zij is hiertoe in 1939 opgericht en vanaf het eerste uur zijn alle handelaren in Nederland lid van de vereniging
    NIVAP, the Netherlands Potato Consultative Foundation, is a technical and non-commercial counselling foundation for the collective export promotion of seed potatoes, grown in the Netherlands.
  • Northern Seed Potato
  • Plant Research International (PRI), Wageningen University & Research Centre (WUR) http://www.pri.wur.nl
  • Plant Link Library
    Large collection of links on plant sciences
  • Potato Association of America
    The Potato Association of America is the official professional society for potato research, extension, utilization, and technical workers in all aspects of potato production and utilization throughout the Western Hemsiphere.
    The PAA is the official professional society of potato workers in all phases of potato production and utilization in the Americas.
    The PAA is an association of people from all segments of the potato industry who are interested in solving problems and improving the industry.
  • Potato Growers of Alberta
    In 1988, the Alberta Potato Marketing Board (the name was later changed to Potato Growers of Alberta) was established to maintain a minimum price on all potatoes at the farm gate, except those for processing, sold in Alberta.
  • Potato Information Exchange (OSU)
    The PIE is an information clearing house for growers and other production-oriented professionals. It provides text on most aspects of production, storage, and marketing and links to many additional topics of interest such as weather, water quality, and endangered species. Linkages to a long list of private and public agencies of importance to the potato industry are available under Related Web Sites.
  • Potato Research and Extension
    Oregon State University, Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center, Potato Research And Extension
  • Potato Research Centre, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
    The Fredericton Research Centre develops new cultivars and technologies for the production, handling, and management of potatoes. The Centre also maintains a national repository of potato gene resources and conducts research on soil management and conservation.
  • Potato Research Group. The University of Manitoba
    Soils, Irrigation, and Agrometeorology; Diseases and Pests; Physiology and Stress; Storage and Processing
  • Potato Storage Research Facility Home Page
    University of Idaho, College of Agriculture, Kimberly Research and Extension Center
  • Red Electrónica de la Papa
    La Red Electrónica de la Papa, REDEPAPA, es un esfuerzo conjunto de la Corporación Colombiana de Investigación Agropecuaria, CORPOICA, el Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural de Colombia, la Agencia Suiza para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación, SDC, el Centro Internacional de la Papa, CIP y el Consorcio para el Desarrollo Sostenible de la Ecorregión Andina, CONDESAN, para ofrecer a los diferentes actores de la cadena de producción de papa en Iberoamérica, un espacio a través del cual intercambien información y experiencias, difundan noticias de interés y concreten y desarrollen acciones conjuntas.
  • The Scottish Agricultural College SAC
    The present-day SAC is a large and modern organisation undertaking advanced education and training, specialist research and development and expert advisory and consultancy work across a wide range of subjects, but with an emphasis on food, land and environmental science and resource and business management.
  • University of Helsinki
  • Wageningen Potato Centre
    Well known for its potato industry the Netherlands yields outstanding potatoes for table, seed, processing and starch use facilitated by excellent growing conditions, well-trained farmers and leading research programmes. Wageningen University and Research Centre combines the University, DLO and Applied Research Institutes and carries out fundamental and applied research. The Wageningen Potato Centre – launched in 2000 – greatly benefits from this unique “Food Valley” agglomeration. Our mission is to strengthen potato research for the benefit of the industry from the farm to the global level
  • Writtle College
    A University College serving land and related industries since 1893
  • USDA Vegetable Laboratory
    • http://www.ba.ars.usda.gov/research/
    • The mission of the Vegetable Lab is to genetically improve the quality and pest resistance of vegetables and develop more efficient production practices. Through traditional breeding and use of biotechnology, scientists develop potatoes, tomatoes, and other vegetables with superior nutritional quality, disease and insect pest resistance and high consumer acceptability. Scientists also develop production systems that reduce inputs of farm chemicals and lower production costs.

General info

  • Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists http://www.njf.nu/
    NJF’s objective is to promote agricultural research in the Nordic-Baltic countries. NJF arranges seminars, which facilitate close contacts between scientists, advisors and end-users of knowledge. The members are engaged in research, education, extension, administration or other public or private services in the agricultural sector. Next  congress will be held 16 – 18 June 2015 in Riga, Latvia  on “Nordic View to Sustainable Rural Development”,: http://njfcongress.eu/
  • De Aardappel
    Alles over de aardappel. Spreekbeurten site
  • Wageningen UR Digital Library
  • A catalogue on chromosome specific AFLP markers for alignment of potato maps
    A catalogue is presented containing 733 AFLP markers which are mapped in 5 relatively unrelated diploid potato genotypes. These AFLP markers are mapped relative to 197 RFLP loci. Given that identical primer combinations are used, 117 comigrating AFLP are identified which mapped on indistinguishable genomic regions.
    Based on putative homology of comigrating AFLP markers any new potato map can be aligned with the existing RFLP/AFLP maps when at least three corresponding AFLP alleles per linkage group are identified.
  • Global Potato News: the source for online potato information
    Provides industry specific links to useful information about potatoes on the World Wide Web.
  • Potato
    Description WWW.BOTANICAL.COM, A Modern Herbal
  • Potato Abstracts
    Records added per year: 1,800
    Journal Articles, Reports, Conferences and Books
    Quarterly/Annual Author and Subject Indexes
    First issued: 1976
    Quarterly Publication
    Available in print and on the Internet
  • PotatoCrop.Com
    A new interactive web site designed specifically for the professional potato grower was launched in in the UK in May 2000. Called Potatocrop.com., it aims to provide UK growers with the most comprehensive and up-to date information about potato growing. Registration and access all sections are free.
  • Potato Genebanks
    Background and availability of collection of wild and primitive potato species. Passport and evaluation data downloadable.
    Additional information, addresses and web sites of major potato genebanks, inventories and literature references.
    Links to some other potato sites are included. European potato variety collections are listed in the document on the EU project on potato genetic resources.
  • Potato Museum, The
    We are a tax-exempt non-profit educational organization which has been informing people about the importance of food since 1975. The museum researches, collects, preserves, exhibits and explains the history of the potato and its promising future.
  • Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)
    Text by Dr. Wolfgang Schuchert
  • Potatoes OnLine
    For professionals, producers, consumers
  • Roots and Tubers for the 21st Century: Trends, Projections, and Policy Options
    By Gregory J. Scott, Mark W. Rosegrant, and Claudia Ringler. Discussion Paper, 2000 / 73 pages.
    The major roots and tubers–cassava, potato, sweetpotato, and yam–play an important role for more than 2 billion people in the developing world, particularly the poorest and most food-insecure. They contribute to their diets, employment, and income. Yet, these primary crops are often overlooked. Together, IFPRI and the International Potato Center have reviewed historical trends, assessed prospects to 2020, and identified policies to exploit the potential benefits of roots and tubers.
  • JHI Commonwealth Collection
    Scottish Crop Research Institute
    The Commonwealth Potato Collection is a major genebank containing over 1300 accessions of 86 different species related to the cultivated potato S. tuberosum L.
  • Solanum tuberosum
    Natural History of Hiroshima University Saijo Campus
    Images of potato flowers
  • The World Geography of the Potato
    This web site (and its accompanying book) will include data on almost everything about the POTATO, from the history of its introduction in a particular country to how spuds fit into a nation’s cuisine. Information on the POTATO (through text files, graphs, and maps) for every country in the world will be found here.
    This is aimed as a reference work that research scientists, agricultural policy-makers and farmers could use to make better-informed decisions about potato production and use.

Pests, Diseases, Control

  • Michigan State University late blight project
    This web site is designed to offer an online potato late blight extension resource for all types of interested parties. This web page houses many pictures of common foliar and tuber diseases and conditions of potatoes which may help as one deals with potatoes and in particular late blight. The site also gives some examples of the labs research projects, publications, and presentations.
  • The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book
    by Thorsten Kraska.
    A subject oriented internet resource guide for Phytopathology, applied Entomology, and all related fields.
  • Plasmodiophorid Home Page
    We went on line 12 December 1995, and will update the various pages at this site when new information becomes available. If you do not find the information you are seeking about this interesting group of plant pathogens, or have comments or suggestions about the Plasmodiophorid Home Page, please feel free to contact the page coordinator.
  • Pocket Diagnostic
    The CSL Pocket Diagnostic lateral flow test has been developed to provide rapid on-site diagnosis of plant pathogens in a variety of crops.
  • UC Pest Management Guidelines
    University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management (IPM), University of California Pest Management Guidelines