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100th Annual Meeting of The Potato Association of America – July 31 -August 4, 2016, Amway Grand Plaza, Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

For more information visit the website: http://www.experiencegr.com/mipotato

PAA meetings in the following years will be held:

  • 2017 – 101st North Dakota, Fargo
  • 2018 – 102nd Boide, Idaho
  • 2019 – 103rd Manitoba, Canada

PAA: Purpose & Activities
The PAA has as a paramount objective the collection and dissemination of the best available technical and practical information relating to all aspects of potato production, biology, and utilization. The PAA serves as the official professional society for those involved in potato research, extension, production, and utilization. The Association provides opportunities to contribute in one or more of seven sections: Breeding & Genetics, Certification, Extension, Plant Protection, Physiology, Production & Management, and Utilization & Marketing.

For more information, connect on the website http://potatoassociation.org/

American Journal of Potato Research

The PAA publishes the American Journal of Potato Research (previously the American Potato Journal)

Annual Meeting:

The PAA meets annually, usually in July or August, at selected sites throughout North America. Research presentations, information exchange, identification of professional contacts, and participation in Association business meetings are key activities of the annual meeting. Research, field, and industry tours are highlights of PAA Annual Meetings.

PAA Insider Newsletter: