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Over the period since the founding of EAPR the Association has been very much enhanced by the activities of the Sections which have performed the invaluable function of promoting interchange of knowledge within specific disciplines.

When a new section chairman is elected, he or she may not be familiar with some of the procedures and activities of the sections which they have been asked to lead. Notes have been provided as a guide to these procedures.

The Association has 5 distinct sections:

  1. Agronomy and Physiology
  2. Breeding and Varietal Assessment
  3. Post Harvest
  4. Pathology and Pests
  5. Virology

To join any of these sections login as a member and update your membership account accordingly.

The sections meet regularly to discuss problems and results of research. They set up working groups for the study of special problems, for standardizing methods of research or terminology, etc.