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Post Harvest

Section co-Chairpersons:

Dr. Glyn Harper
AHDB Potato Council
Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research
Spalding PE12 9YD
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44)1406 359411
Fax: (+44)1406 351125
Tjaart Hofman
Technical Marketing Manager
Certis Europe B.V.
PO Box 1180, 3600 BD Maarssen
The Netherlands
Phone: (+31)653 146 079

Forthcoming meetings:

We are pleased to announce the website for the 2016 triennial EAPR Section Post Harvest meeting is operational at www.eapr-postharvest.eu
The meeting will cover different aspects of post-harvest research in potatoes, with an emphasis on relevance to the industry. Themes will range from diagnosis and detection of disease, dormancy and sprout control, quality management and technology in post-harvest management.
The program will allow plenty of time for scientific presentations and networking, and with the opportunity of a visit to Wageningen UR and the Post-harvest research group.
We encourage scientists, students, growers, potato producers and industry representatives to attend this meeting.
Further details will be announced shortly but to register your interest in the meeting or for any other enquiries please email: info@eapr-postharvest.eu
Organizing Committee chaired by Drs. Tjaart Hofman (Hofman@certiseurope.com) and Glyn Harper (glyn.harper@ahdb.org.uk).

Oliver Statham: 1941-2015
It was with great regret that we recently learned of the death, after a long illness, of our former colleague, Oliver Statham. Oliver was chair for the EAPR Engineering section during the 1990’s.  A Machinery Officer for the GB Potato Marketing Board and the British Potato Council he contributed significantly to the development of the Sutton Bridge site in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Stores he helped to design back in 1980 included features such as reverse-cycle defrost, variable pitch main fans and some of the earliest electronic zonal control systems – all well ahead of their time. He was, however, perhaps best known for his role as organiser of many highly successful, Working Machinery Demonstrations held around that period. Our sympathies are with his wife Anne, his family and friends.
Dr Glyn Harper, Co-Chair of EAPR Section Post Harvest.

Past section meetings EAPR Engineering & Utilisation/Post Harvest

October 22-24, 2013 in Warsaw (Poland), contacts Kazimiera Zgorska  (k.zgorska@ihar.edu.pl) and Dominika Boguszewska-Mankowska (dboguszewska@gmail.com) – web page: http://www.ihar.edu.pl/post_harvest_eapr_section_meeting.php

For a report of the meeting of the Post Harvest Section of the EAPR held at the Oulu City Theatre, Oulu, Finland on 26 July 2011 at 15:00 hrs click here

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Section meeting in Grantham, UK in January 2007. The EAPR meeting is being held as part of a series of events scheduled as follows:
16th Jan 2007: British Potato Council ‘Potato Storage 2007’ conference and evening reception for FNK/EAPR delegates
17th Jan 2007: FNK/EAPR Potato Processing Conference and conference dinner
18th Jan 2007: Visit to LAMMA 2007 machinery exhibition (see www.lammashow.co.uk Depart or social activities (evening).
19th Jan 2007: Optional visits including Sutton Bridge Experimental Unit. Depart

For forthcoming meetings please check out the meetings page