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Over the period since the founding of EAPR the Association has been very much enhanced by the activities of the Sections which have performed the invaluable function of promoting interchange of knowledge within specific disciplines.

When a new section chairman is elected, he or she may not be familiar with some of the procedures and activities of the sections which they have been asked to lead. The following notes have been provided as a guide to these procedures.

Election of the Section Chairman

When a section chairman completes the term of office, it is usual for the Council to recommend a successor, though it is also possible for section members to nominate a candidate, with due notice to the Council, prior to the election. In supporting any nomination, the Council reviews a number of factors, including the need to ensure a reasonably balanced representation of European countries across the sections.
In the event of a chairman demitting office before the period of tenure has expired, a new nomination by the Council may be made for election at a relevant section meeting between the triennial conferences. Otherwise, the norm for section members is to elect a new chairman at the Section Business Meeting during a Triennial Conference.
According to the EAPR Constitution, a section chairman is appointed for one term of three years but (s)he may be re-elected once for another term of three years.

Section Business Meetings

It is the duty of the section chairman to preside over a Section Business Meeting at the Triennial Conference. A short report on the previous three years is usually presented and after discussion, proposals for the next three years are considered.
An important part of the discussion is the selection of a venue and arrangements for hosting a section meeting to occur at a time mid-way between Triennial Conferences. The venue need not necessarily be in the country of the chairman. It may be convenient however for one of the two meetings which would normally take place within the chairman’s 6 year period of office, to be in the chairman’s country. Reports on scientific section meetings are published in Potato Research. For this purpose the Section Chairman is asked to collect informative abstracts (between 200 and 500 words each) of oral papers and posters presented, to make sure that the language is edited and to send these in an electronic form to the editorial office. It is usual to include a short overview of the event which is published as well.

Inter-Sectional Meetings

Sometimes a meeting can be held jointly between two sections and this is a perfectly acceptable arrangement. Quite large attendances are not uncommon for joint meetings. If such a meeting is planned it is simply a matter of close co-operation between the section chairmen to organise the event. It is not necessary to submit the meeting programme to the Council for approval, but the Council should be informed as soon as possible, regarding the date of the event.

Notice in Potato Research

As soon as possible after a Section Meeting is arranged, a notice should be placed in “Potato Research”, in the usual format. If the notice is delayed, it may appear too late to be of any value.
Apart from a notice in Potato Research, non-members may be alerted to forthcoming meetings, through their mention in the agricultural press editorials. The EAPR Website is now another important source of spreading details of meetings.


EAPR does not fund any Section Meeting and cannot underwrite any loss incurred. Any advertising costs in connection with a section meeting will not be met by EAPR.

Section Newsletters

Some financial support is available for Section Newsletters, which can be produced to keep members informed of various section activities. The secretary of EAPR will provide details of the current allowance for such a production.


Applicants for membership are asked to indicate on their Application Forms, the sections in which they have a special interest. The secretariat can provide adhesive printed address labels of section members, to facilitate sending newletters and other communications.
As yet there is no calendar of meetings being organised between triennial conferences. A section chairman could benefit by contacting other section chairmen if there is likely to be an overlap of topics at a Section Meeting.


Section Chairmen normally meet with the EAPR Council on one occasion between Triennial Conferences, in Wageningen. Usually this meeting will take place in November of the second year after the Triennial Conference. They will also meet with the Council at the Council Meeting during the Triennial Conference. At the Triennial Conference, a dinner is held to provide the opportunity for Council, Chairmen and Potato Research Editors to meet informally.

Based on a draft by DC McRae and O.J.H. Statham,
slightly modified by the Council in its meeting of November 2000,
finally approved by the Council and the Section chairmen in November 2001.