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Pathology and Pests

Section Chairperson: [page updated 2015/09/21]

Leah Tsror (Lahkim)
Agricultural Research Organization (ARO)
Dep. of Plant Pathology & Weed Research
Gilat Center, MP Negev 85280
Tel: +972 8992 8660
Fax: +972 8992 6337

Forthcoming meetings:

  • 2016 in Scotland: August 7-11 2016, Dundee, Scotland. Pathology and Pests Section Meeting.
  • This meeting covers research into potato pests and diseases with a focus on applied outcomes and attracts world-class speakers.
  • The program allows ample time for scientific presentations and an opportunity for participants to interact socially. The meeting will also include the chance to attend ‘Potatoes in Practice’, the largest field-based potato event in the UK.
  • To register your interest in the meeting or for any other enquiries please email: eaprpathology2016@hutton.ac.uk
  • For further information please visit: http://www.eaprpathology2016.eu
  • Organizing Committee chaired by Dr. Ian Toth (Ian.Toth@hutton.ac.uk); Organising Committee: Alison Lees and Sonia Humphris; Pathology Section Chairperson: Leah Tsror

Past meetings:

Recent EAPR Pathology Section meeting was held at Jerusalem, Israel, November 17-21, 2013. This meeting hosted by ARO dealt with aspects of potato pathology with a special emphasis on climate change /global warming effects on diseases and pests. The presentations are available from the ARO website see http://www.agri.gov.il/en/pages/1008.aspx

Previous Pathology Section Meetings

Year Venue Organizing Committee Chair
2013 Jerusalem, Israel Dr. Leah Tsror
2010 Carlow, Ireland Dr. Louise Cooke
2007 Hattula, Finland Dr. Asko Hannukkala
2004 Lille, France Dr. Serge Duvauchelle
2001 Poznan, Poland Dr. Józefa Kapsa
1998 Umeå, Sweden Dr. Ulla Bång