XXV Potato Days Poland - Bonin 2018

Bonin , Poland


Potato Days Poland 2018


Welcome to the XXV Jubilee Potato Days in Poland! 

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An exceptional XXVth jubilee edition of the National Potato Days will come soon. The meeting will be held, this year, on 25-26 August, in Bonin, Province of West Pomerania. This place is historically bound with potatoes. The Potato Institute, aimed exclusively at potato research was established in Bonin in 1966. Currently, this entity is a Research Branch of the Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute, National Research Institute in Radzików.

             The National Potato Days is an annual meeting of all persons who are associated with potato sector. Specialists of  PBAI-NRI [IHAR-PIB] will conduct training courses and provide consultations in technology of cultivation, storage and potato varieties knowledge as well as in marketing solutions and legislature. Consultations provided will help the visitors to find answers to questions of agrotechnology and other issues having influence on potato tubers quality and yield. More than 80 potato varieties and 15 various protection and fertilisation programmes will be presented in the field collection. A demonstration of potato harvest using the most modern machinery and innovative solutions in field work has also been planned.

The Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute in Bonin has been joined by the Pomeranian-Masurian Potato Breeding Institution in Strzekęcino to organise this year’s National Potato Days.

I have the pleasure to invite you, on behalf of the organisers, to the XXVth Jubilee National Potato Days to participate in this magnificent event. We will make every effort to meet your expectations.


Yours respectfully,

Dr. Eng. Agnieszka Przewodowska

Comissioner for the XXVth National Potato Days