XXVI Potato Days: Potato Poland 2019

Nidzica, Poland


Welcome to the XXVI Potato Days: Potato Poland! 

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August 23-23 2019, Nidzica I Warmian-Masurian Voivedeship


   Potato Poland 2019          The National Potato Days is an annual meeting of all persons who are associated with potato sector. The main co-organisers of the XXVIth edition in 2019 will be Centrala Nasienna Nidzica [Nidzica Seed Main Depot] along with the Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute – National Research Institute. We believe that selection of the venue in the north-eastern part of Poland will allow both the organisers, as well as the exhibitors, to have new opportunities for presentation of their companies and to assure high attendance of visitors.

We will be honoured if you would join the subsequent edition of the National Potato Days 2019 and we cordially invite you to participate and will make every effort to come up to your expectations.

The Organizers