Bibliometric Analysis of Potato Research Publications from Agronomy Category Based on Web of Science from 2000 to 2021


Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) has been recognized as the fourth largest crop after maize, wheat and rice and is a crop of importance in developing countries for ensuring human nutrition and food security. Based on the Web of Science, this study analysed 3943 article- and review-type papers of potato research from agronomy category during 2000 to 2021 and included 6 highly cited papers. The papers mainly written in English (96.88%) were from 11,479 authors, 120 countries/territories and 2719 organizations and published in 97 journals and one book series. The top 5 core journals were American Journal of Potato Research (949, 24.07%), Potato Research (437, 11.08%), European Journal of Plant Pathology (172, 4.36%), Plant Pathology (171, 4.34%) and Theoretical and Applied Genetics (142, 3.60%). The top 5 countries and regions were the USA, Canada, China, the Netherlands and Brazil. The top five organizations were USDA ARS, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, University of Wisconsin, Wageningen University and Research Centre and University of Idaho, each with more than 157 papers. The top 6 authors were C. R. Brown, R. G. Novy, J. B. Bamberg, R. G. F. Visser, K. G. Haynes and P. C. Struik, each publishing more than 43 papers. All keywords of the potato research from agronomy category were separated into seven clusters for different research topics. Visualizations offered exploratory information on the current state in a scientific field or discipline as well as indicating possible developments in the future. This work is useful for students identifying graduate schools and for researchers selecting journals.